Change drive attributes

Be careful when you change the drive letter. If another program makes references to the existing drive letter, changing the drive letter destroys the existing references.

If an error message appears when you attempt to change a drive letter, it may be because another program is using it. If this happens, close the program that is using the device.

If you want to change the drive letter for a device, the drop-down list contains only those letters that have not been assigned to a device.

To change drive attributes:

  • To open the Change Drive Attributes dialog box, do one of the following:
    • Click a device or a partition to select it and click Change Attributes.
    • Right-click a device or a partition and select Change Attributes from the context menu.
  • To change the device letter, select a letter from the Assign the following drive letter drop-down list.
  • To change the volume label, type a new label into the Volume label box.
  • Click OK.