Format a partition

You may format or reformat any partition on your computer. With Active@ Partition Manager, you may format a USB device as NTFS.

If you perform a quick format, you remove files from the file table, and you do not scan the disk for bad sectors. Use quick format only if you are sure the disk is not damaged.

To format a partition:

  • To open the Format dialog box, do one of the following:
    • Click a partition to select it and click Format
    • Right-click a partition and select Format from the context menu.
  • Type a volume label in the Volume Label box.
  • To change the volume label, type a new label into the Volume label box.
  • Select a file system type from the File System drop-down list.
  • To determine the file allocation unit size, select a size from the Allocation unit size drop-down list.
  • To perform a quick format, select the Perform a quick format check box.
  • To perform a full format, clear the Perform a quick format check box.
  • Click OK. A progress bar appears.
  • After the process is complete, a Completed dialog box appears. Click OK. The partition is formatted.