Resize a partition or logical drive (volume)

Existing logical drive (volume) can be extended to use unallocated space available right after that partition or shrunk to utilize unused space. To resize Logical Drive (Partition):

  1. In Partition Manager select a Logical Drive (volume) node
  2. To open the Resize Volume dialog:
  • From the toolbar click Resize button or use command Actions > Resize... from main menu
  • Right-click the selected item and click Resize... command from the context menu
  1. Use Resize Volume dialog to define new partition (volume) size
    • Use radio buttons to expand to use maximum space available or shrink to last used cluster. Use custom option to define exact new size of partition.
    • Use device control drug'n'release feature to set approximate partition size.
  2. Click Resize to resize selected partition (volume)